Because it’s proven that people make decisions based on emotions.

Neuroscience research shows feelings turn into actions. 
Changing our behaviour and decisions.

As 95% of our thinking happens in the emotional part of the brain.

Emotion is also a shortcut to the subconscious.

The mysterious bit of our brains that processes 500,000 times more information per second than our conscious minds. 

Creating work that evokes feelings signals the subconscious to store it as a memory.

Proposition specialises in making brands memorable by combining insightful strategy, marketing expertise and emotive creativity. Subconsciously and effortlessly engaging human brains.

We’re changing the tech industry by making people feel something.

What we stand for.

Everyone wins.

When we work together, we all benefit. Proposition is a place where everyone, from clients to members of our team, can thrive and grow together. Creating great work that works.

See the lighter side.

Because a good laugh brings work to life. We’re a light-hearted bunch filled with positive energy and enthusiasm. Fuelling creativity and infusing everything we do with a unique blend of joy and innovation.

In it for the long haul.

We’re committed to building relationships that last. How? By investing in the success of both our clients and team members. We think far beyond short-term gains to create future-focused change with a lasting impact.

Swim in the deep water.

We constantly challenge ourselves to push boundaries, explore uncharted territories and dive deep into the depths of the unknown. Because continual growth forges ground-breaking solutions and out-of-the-box thinking.

Create feeling.

By making work that evokes human emotion, everyone is happy with the results. Our team believe in bold ideas, thoughtful design and telling insightful stories. Because we’re all passionate about making people feel something.

Meet our talented team

Simon Walker

CEO / Founder

Victoria Cooke

Strategy Director

Shay Darvish

Agency Lead

Jules Raynes

Account Manager

Jennifer Phommachack

Digital Specialist

Robert Gorrie

Design Specialist

Olivia Wagner

Copy Specialist


Admin Specialist

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