Customer Radar

A seamless digital experience – from web to CRM.

Website Redevelopment
HubSpot Integration
Lead Generation
Email Marketing (eDM)

The Challenge

It takes about 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience. So, in today’s increasingly digital world, prompt feedback and reviews have never been more crucial for businesses.

Customer Radar helps businesses get timely feedback and reviews to fix issues and optimise their business based on customer experiences. They also offer targeted services to different industry sectors.

The company wanted to expand their business to new geographical markets, generate new leads and make it simple to target specific industries on its website. So, the team at Proposition helped Customer Radar create a seamless new digital customer journey.

The Solution

Proposition took care of everything from redesigning Customer Radar’s website to lead generation to loyalty – all integrated with HubSpot.

The sleek new website was designed to appeal to Customer Radar’s target market and featured simple, relevant and targeted content. It also made it easy for customers to find specific industries for tailored help and information.

Plus, Customer Radar had to put their money where their mouth was and respond to leads and enquiries at lightning speed. So, we integrated HubSpot to gather and store information so their team could reach out promptly to new leads with all their info on hand.

We also used HubSpot to develop a series of email marketing templates integrated with the new website. Making it fast and efficient for Customer Radar to create marketing campaigns to generate new leads and keep their customers up to date.

The Results

Our solution drastically increased the website’s number of return visitors. For example, in the month of July 2022, Customer Radar had approximately 300 return visitors – by July 2023 this had risen exponentially to 1,500. Return visitors are particularly important as they show that the seamless digital experience we created benefitted both Customer Radar and their customers. We also decreased the website’s average bounce rate by 2.24% and increased the average number of page views by 2.65%.

Since the launch of Customer Radar’s redesigned website in May 2023, they have received 78 new contact form submissions with a conversion rate of 6.59% (an increase of 5.11%) to date. The page views have also increased by 17.1%.

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