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The Challenge

It’s not always all about finding the most leads, but the best ones. Because there’s no point in spending money on ads seen by the wrong audience.

Telesmart came to Proposition to increase the uptake of their handy Operator Connect service that lets businesses manage all their calls via Microsoft Teams.

Some companies rely on Teams heavily, with many staff logged in for most of the day. So, Proposition needed to create a well-targeted social campaign to capture the attention of these types of businesses and deliver high-quality leads.

The Solution

We created a series of social ads to run on Google and LinkedIn, highlighting the benefits of Telesmart’s Operator Connect service. This resulted in an effective blend of awareness and lead-generation campaigns.

The Results

The Proposition team had projected 40 leads and ended up delivering 72. Making this campaign a huge win for Telesmart.

"All 72 contacts are high-quality leads with company domains, and the best part is we won at least 11 deals from them during the campaign timeframe." - Telesmart

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