Creating the new Ouro brand for a brighter tomorrow.

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Launch Video
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The Challenge

When the world entered this sustainable new era, the solar energy industry faced a big problem – a lack of trustworthy and transparent data. Out-of-date analysis technology was delivering inaccurate data, creating a lack of trust from potential investors and costing businesses financially. Ultimately, preventing growth on a global scale.

But one company had a solution that could change everything – the ability to provide authenticated solar energy data taken directly from the source. High-tech chips combined with sophisticated blockchain technology (from DComm – a partner company) can enable the world to make the most of one of our most precious and renewable energy sources – the sun.

The Solution

The team at Proposition created a new brand, Ouro, to launch and raise awareness of this incredible new technology within the industry. As well as gaining the trust of potential investors to help grow the solar energy industry and solve the world’s energy crisis.

Our talented people took care of everything from research and strategy to the development of deliverables – creating a new brand, logo, name, tagline, brand guidelines and website. We also created a launch campaign, which included a video, social posts, investor packs, an elevator pitch and much more.

The Results

This new brand launched in December 2023. Since then, the website has had 306 new users, with 87 return visitors and counting. And an average engagement time of 1 minute and 25 seconds.

Five LinkedIn posts to announce the launch received a total of 1,555 impressions, with 148 reactions, 36 comments and 79 reposts. And the four social posts we created for X had a total of 677 impressions, with 137 people engaging with the content.

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